2014 GED Test Preparation

I found the video below very informative and to the point. Short enough to keep the attention of readers, yet for future GED students of the new GED 2014 there are some very helpful key points.  The video summarizes the main changes to prepare for with GED 2014 and is produced by New Reader's Press (Pro Literacy Media). The 2014 GED test prep will be more demanding than 2013, and far more relevant to modern employment needs. ProLiteracy will be publishing new study materials which they have named Scoreboost. The new Scoreboost study books for the 2014 GED tests are described in the video by Terrie Lipke of ProLiteracy, who also covers the main changes to next year's GED tests.


2014 GED Test Preparation Materials 



"Terrie Lipke, ProLiteracy's editorial director, gives a brief description about the new GED® Test that will be launched in 2014 and summarizes the materials …"

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An interesting image relating to GED practice tests called Test (assessment) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Test (assessment) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

an image of GED%20practice%20tests Test (assessment) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Test (assessment) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Test (assessment) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"


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